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We are a digital and data-focused software development organization, who can make your data work for you. has 20+ years of experience with clients from different fields - banking and finance, food industry, healthcare, realty, architecture, technology, to name a few - allows us to gain a bigger grasp of the challenges, provide the right solutions, and deliver quality work on-time, every time.

With over 115+ projects completed and 189 happy clients, will never stop evolving and continuously innovating services in full stack and frontend web development, data, and software engineering. 

Our goal is to reduce stress so your team can focus on what they do best and make this as easy as possible. We make our communication and project management as seamless as possible. 

First, we evaluate your needs and develop a proposal. Then, we start building things while updating you weekly. Once you are absolutely in love with everything we have reviewed, we'll hand it off to your team. As easy as that.

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Tego is a solution provider helping industrial companies operate more efficiently. Our award-winning platform incorporates automated asset tracking and data management capabilities and is uniquely positioned to work in inhospitable and disconnected environments. The company has more than 15 years as an industrial solution provider supplying automation, digitization and process visibility for assets and things essential to the daily activities that support business.


Tego’s Asset Intelligence platform (AIP) offers customers a configurable, scalable solution for rapid deployment. It provides value across a variety of different use cases (asset management, smart connected factory floor, inventory management, etc). Our end-to-end solution addresses the hardware and software needs of mobile workers in the field, facility workers on the production floor, or fulfillment staff found throughout the supply chain. Tego’s solution delivers enterprise-wide visibility of business activity, across sites and facilities, via the Cloud. Customers have the option of deploying the solution stand-alone or integrating it into other software programs and back-end ERP systems. 


We work on a consultative basis to define our customer’s problem and then together we define a clear and concise scope of work to address it. Depending on the organization’s needs, our team can deploy, train, and establish ongoing sustainability of the solution. Or our team can continue with an ongoing presence after deployment to facilitate additional scale and value of the solution. Either way our goal is to assure that Tego’s solution maximizes a return on investment for your organization. 


Learn more about Tego’s solutions and how we can help your organization attain its desired goals.




Camcode is a developer and manufacturer of customized, durable asset tracking labels for applications where permanent identification is critical.


In addition to asset labels, Camcode helps organizations establish, clean-up and sustain the integrity of their asset registers through corporate marking specifications, database management and re-ordering portals ~ all optional services offered in conjunction with our tags.


Camcode operates a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio USA and has offices in Bristol, UK and Melbourne, AU. Camcode holds several military Item Unique Identification (IUID) program contracts and supplies a wide range of asset tracking products that meet most government and commercial specifications.


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Utility Meter Tags, Pole Tags & Bar Code Labels - Camcode

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